About this blog

I’ve been wanting to do this for long time but, somehow, I’ve been failing to start it (mostly because I’m a lazy person).

The purpose of this blog is to provide my personal views on climate and energy policies in Japan. Because there are not many information sources of this kind, I thought there might be some appetite for this kind of blog out there.  Sometimes I receive questions from foreign journalists and almost all of them are having difficult time following what’s happening in Japanese climate and energy policies.   It is not just because of the obvious, language barrier but because the information is very difficult to find.   In fact, even if you were a Japanese, it would be difficult to find information related to climate and energy policies.

My views may be biased because of my occupation.  But they will be better than nothing.

I have to say the views expressed here are totally personal and have nothing to do with the organization’s official views.

I’ll try to explain things so that people outiside Japan can understand the context.  But I guess it will be difficult as I live in Japan and don’t understand what foreign people don’t understand.

So, if you have any suggestions, please let me know.